Your China Strategy Consulting


“Your China Strategy” is a business consulting resource that is available to address a variety of issues a business may be dealing with as they determine their China strategy. We focus on the following areas of business operations that relate to the China marketplace:


• Market Information and Insight

• Consumer Information and Insight

• Out Source Information and Execution

• Market Positioning and Feasibility Study

• Foreign Facility & Operation Establishment

• Trade Show Co-ordination and Arrangement

• Distribution Channel and Logistics Information

• E-Commerce architecture and implementation

• Foreign Direct Investment Planning and Execution

• Public Relations Communication and Co-ordination

• Marketing Communication Strategy & Implementation

• Market Investigation and Business Initiation Implementation


Your China Strategy Consulting Process


1. China Business Audit: Overview existing business, identify and target the opportunity in  

    China markets.


2Introduction to China: Introduce and review candidate partners. Assist in negotiations,

    documentation and finalize agreement.


3China Business Launch: Business start-up services, such as business approval, licenses

     registration, branch office set up in China.


4. On-going China Business: Available to help solve day to day business dealings with your

    Chinese partners.