Your China Strategy Seminars

Your China Strategy” seminar is a morning session that deals with the initial steps you should be taking to determine your China strategy.  You will be exposed to the latest trends within China, the Chinese consumer, and the Chinese business environment. Then once you have the latest landscape in your mind, you will be given the basic questions you need to ask to help determine Your China Strategy.

Who Is Conducting the Seminar?               

Seminars are conducted by Don Norris and Steven Cheng. Don and Steven are a unique and rare find in Canadian business. Both can back up what insights they share on China because they lived, worked, and remain involved in the China marketplace. As well, both Steven and Don can relate to the business experiences you are having here in Canada because they both live in Canada and have worked throughout the country.

The insights you gain from Steven and Don are unique because while they are based on their years of Asian and Chinese business experience, they are presented in a manner that Canadian business can easily understand. Furthermore, once you get their strategic perspectives and practical knowledge on China, Steven and Don will be around for you to meet again, as they both make their homes in Western Canada.

Why Attend the Seminar?              

Your business is strong but you believe you need to be on the lookout for ways to sustain your competitiveness. You have heard bits and pieces about the China opportunity, be it importing or exporting, but you have not yet determined “Your China Strategy".

What Will You Get?        

Valuable proven information that is easy to understand and will help you take steps towards “Your China Strategy”.